Forsage is a Home Based, low risk, low cost, high technology Cryptocurrency based Business

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By now I am sure that everyone in the Crypto and the Online marketing world has heard about Forsage. It has been going since February 2020 and has already paid out more that 10 Million USD to its members, who are now joining at the rate of more than 3000 people a day.

Forsage is a Platform that aims to bring Network marketing and Cryptocurrency (Ethereum) together, to create a low cost, interesting and lucrative income opportunity.

"Platform" is a loose term in this case. Forsage is actually a Smart Contract DApp. This type of business has never before been seen, with this kind of highly secure Blockchain technology underpinning it's entire operation.

This means that there is no person to run this operation. It is all done by an established computer code that is actually built into the structure of the Blockchain itself. This means that no person can steal our funds. It also means that we do not have to ask anyone if we want to withdraw our funds, as they are already automatically placed into our wallets as soon as we earn them.

If the above sounds interesting, then maybe Forsage could represent a good low risk way for you to start a work from home business, that requires a minimal start up cost, with no admin or hidden fees, no products to purchase and no bosses to report to.

Please note the following:

Forsage is not an investment program and there is no guarantee of income
What a person receives, is based on their Individual work ethic and other factors beyond your control




Questions and Answers
Forsage questions

Q: Is Forsage easy to set up?
A: Not quite as easy as a quick "form fill" that we are used to for many online activities, but if you closely follow the instructions it all works well and you only have to do it once.

Q: Do I need to install anything?
A: Yes - You need to install a recommended working Ethereum Crypto wallet to enable Forsage to function correctly. If you are using your phone to access the Internet then you need to install the Trust Wallet. If you using a Laptop then you need to install the Metamask wallet. It is essential that you install one of the above wallets before you try to join Forsage, as the process will not work without them being up and running.

Q: Will it cost a lot to join Forsage?
A: No, it is just 0.05 Ethereum - this will not change. In real money, at the present exchange rate, this is less than 10 USD

Q: Will I have to pay any other fees?
A: No, there are no fees or hidden costs with Forsage -
(Note there will always be Crypto transaction fees, but these are nothing to do with Forsage and usually never more than a few cents)

Q: How do i fund my Trust or Metamask Wallet?
A: Simply make a Transfer of Ethereum from your Coinbase or other account, following the usual methods. If you do not have an account, you can easily buy Ethereum instantly from Coinmama using a Credit or a Debit card.

Q: Is Forsage secure?
A: The entire business is underpinned by an Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract, which is one of the most secure modern day digital agreement models in existence.

Q: How many people are currently involved in the Forsage Platform?
A: At the time of writing, there are more than 103,000 members Worldwide.

Q: Where is Forsage based?
A: Forsage is not a company, but a highly secure Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract DApp. It is effectively a global business operated by all its members.

Q: How long does it take to make a withdrawal?
A: You do not have to make a withdrawal request to anyone in the Forsage program! Any earnings that you make are automatically and instantly already paid into your wallet. There is nobody that you will need to ask if you can have your money. It is yours - It is already there!



Forsage Explanation Video

Here's a great video from our Team leader explaining all about the Forsage Smart Contract





1 Forsage phone white background trust wallet


How to get started with Forsage using your Mobile phone or Table with Trust Wallet

➢ Gain access to our private Facebook Group webinars etc after you join.

If you have no wallet, then please follow this guide:

1. Install the Trust Wallet on your Phone or Tablet

➢ Click Here to Download the Trust Wallet

2. Fund your Trust Wallet

Fund your new Trust Wallet with Ethereum (ETH)

Get started with Forsage for 0.065 ETH

(i) Simply transfer 0.065 Ethereum to your Trust Wallet

To do this:

Copy your Trust wallet address,
Found under --> settings --> wallet.

If you use a Digital Currency exchange like
Coinbase, Kraken, CEX, Abra, BitStamp,
Coinmama, Shape shift etc.

Just transfer 0.065 Eth to your Trust wallet address.

If you do not have a Coinbase, Kraken etc:

Buy your required Ethereum from
within the Trust Wallet app itself
using a credit or a debit card.

Or instantly buy ETH from Coinmama here

3. Downloaded & Funded Trustwallet?
    Now to Join Forsage:

(i) Open your new Trust wallet on your Mobile device

At the bottom of the screen, note the 4 dots :: DApps
Dapps screenshot smaller

Tap on DApps :: 
This will open up the Trust Wallet Browser

(ii) Note top of screen URL address bar area 

Dapps URL barCopy and paste the following link:

  and then hit enter

This will open the account creation screen:
Forsage Register page

(iii) Tap on > Automatic Registration <

Next, note the payment confirmation screen:
Join Forsage with Mobile Confirm

 Check amount and Confirm the payment

(v) The payment process can take a while...

Please wait and you will then see the approval.

5. Review

That's it! You have joined Forsage!

You can now fund further levels if you are looking to further promote this program and build your own team.

We recommend funding level 3 for both the X3 and X4 programs to maximise your earnings.

Make a note of your own refferal link and spread the word.

You can view your personal account from any Phone or a Computer browser by entering your Ethereum wallet or Forsage ID number.

Please send me your ID number after you join with me and I will get you linked up with our support group where you can access regular Webinar training sessions.

Remember, you only need to introduce this to 2 or 3 other like minded, active people and help them to do the same as you and you will all enjoy a nice, residual, steadily growing, long term income.


Please Note: Trust Wallet can no longer be used by IOS devices...
The replacement wallet for IOS users is called TokenPocket
Please download Token Pocket here to join or continue to use Forsage






How to Join Forsage using Your Laptop and the Metamask Wallet
Join Forsage with Laptop / Desktop

Offer and ...

Join Forsage with me and access regular webinars with our Success team. You can also get your own prospects on these events to help them to get started in YOUR Forsage team

About your Wallet

If you use a Laptop to access the internet, then you can only join Forsage by using something known as the Metamask Wallet.

Join Forsage here if you use a Mobile phone or tablet)

The Metamask Wallet works with the Forsage program and enables you to store your earnings safely.

1. Metamask Wallet - Download

Download Metamask wallet here:

(if you already have Metamask installed just go to step 2. )

2. Metamask Wallet - Fund

Fund your Wallet with at least 0.065 ETH

(This total will also cover the Ether Transaction "Gas" fee)

(i) Transfer your ETH over to your Metamask Wallet as follows:

You just need to copy your Ethereum wallet address from Metamask.

Then go to your regular Digital Currency exchange and transfer 0.065 of Ethereum to your Metamask wallet address.

Many people will already use an Exchange
for example Coinbase, which I use.
There are of course many others, such as Kraken, CEX, ShapeShift, BitStamp.

You can also buy Ethereum instantly from CoinMama           

3. If Funded succesfully, you are now ready to Join Forsage

(i) In your Internet browser visit:

You will then see the sign up page:
Join Forsage with Metamask
(ii) Click JOIN NOW

Next, will be the account creation page:
Forsage metamask join

(iii) Click  > Automatic Registration <

(iv) Accept the Connect request

Forsage registration(v) Click the "Connect" button

You now need to authorize the Forsage payment & the Gas Fee:

Authorize Forsage payment(vi) Click confirm - Then wait, as ETH payments can take a while.

After the transaction is approved, you may need to restart Metamask

5. Review

That's it! You have joined Forsage!

You can now fund further levels if you are looking to further promote this program and build your own team.

We recommend funding level 3 for both the X3 and X4 programs to maximise your earnings.

Make a note of your own refferal link.

You can view your Forsage account using any browser on a Laptop, Phone or Tablet. 
Just enter your Ethereum wallet address or you Forsage ID number.

Send me your ID number after you join and I will put you in contact with our success team where you can access regular Webinars.

You only need to introduce Forsage to 2 or 3 other like minded people and help them to do the same as you and you will all enjoy a nice, residual, steadily growing, long term income.

Note: If you are actively building your teams and adding members, I will also help you and add members in your team. 

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